CIPP Lining

Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining in Lake Worth Beach

You’ve checked off every item on the list of signs your sewer line needs replacing. Your water bill has shot up without explanation, and the gurgle of money running down the pipes is never far away. Every shower or flush ends with a torturously slow drain—one that makes you twitchy for the plunger. Then, of course, there’s the wet spot in the yard and the constant odor of raw sewage. You remember when your grandpa had this done—his front yard turned into a construction site with foul-mouthed workers and CAT equipment. It took weeks to finish, and his wife’s garden never looked the same. Fortunately, the market has evolved since then.

There are now a number of less intrusive, faster options for sewer repair in Lake Worth Beach. And, as America’s drain specialists, we’re familiar with almost all of them. But our favorite treatment plan comes in the form of cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP).

What Exactly Is CIPP?

Cured-in-place pipe lining is a non-invasive method of sewer repair. It requires minimal digging and far less time than other sewer pipe replacement methods. This means no renting excavators or leaving your yard soggy until the weather clears up. This type of trenchless sewer repair suits small and major repairs. Its only downside is its inability to increase the diameter of the pipe it’s replacing. So, if there’s a throughput issue, other drain clearing or sewer line repair options may be worth investigating.

CIPP works by inserting a flexible liner into an existing pipe and inflating it. This liner is covered with epoxy resin—a type of plastic that hardens when exposed to UV light or heat. This liquid sticks to the sides of the pipes and eventually hardens inside the pipe. This creates a new, unbroken pipe with a smooth interior service.

The Advantages of Cure-in-Place Pipe Lining

With numerous sewer repair techniques, including traditional trenched options, it can be hard to settle on one. The price and time differentials only add to the confusion. After over five decades of fixing major sewer and drain upsets, we believe CIPP is the best of all possible worlds. The reasons for this are numerous:

  1. Cost Effective: Because there’s no construction equipment to rent and minimal staff, CIPP lining is much more affordable than traditional sewer repairs. The downtime associated with this process is also minimal.
  2. Modular Repair Options: With traditional sewer repair, you often have to disassemble large swathes of the system. This is because of how items join along the pipe. And because, in many instances, the cure also damages the rest of the system. So, even if the issue is small, you’d have to shell out the big bucks to fix it. CIPP lining is more flexible.
  3. Long Lifespan: Epoxy is a chemical and corrosion-resistant material. It’s also impervious to rust. Then, of course, its lack of joints stops weak spots from developing. This allows the replacement pipe to last over a century with minimal maintenance.
  4. No Yard Damage: You won’t have to dig up your entire yard to have a pipe cured in place. This means you won’t have to dig up grandma’s rose bushes or upend the freshly finished landscaping. You also won’t have tread marks running through the front yard.
  5. Environmental Friendliness: Unlike other options, epoxy creates no carbon emissions. We also minimize landfill waste by fixing pipes instead of tearing them out.
  6. Quick to Completion: A trenched sewer repair can take days—longer if the weather refuses to cooperate. Most CIPP repairs, however, can be finished in under three hours. This equates to less time off work and a quicker repair to normalcy.
  7. Improved Flow: The pipe’s smooth epoxy surface isn’t very attractive to small solids and liquids. The lack of rough surfaces makes clogs and debris build-up less likely.

And, as a resident of Wellington or Lake Worth Beach, there’s one more advantage: we can do it for you. Our plumbers have ample experience uncovering bad sewer pipes and repairing them. This allows us to uncover the problem’s source quickly and put it to rest for good. With free sewer repair quotes available, there’s no reason not to call Potty Doctor the next time you have a problem.

A Breakdown of the CIPP Process

We will ask you to limit your water and sewer use during the sewer repair process. This means abstaining from washer and dishwasher use. Liquids going down the drain should also be minimized. Our plumbers recommend covering drains and filling all basins with a small amount of water to prevent the epoxy smell from taking over your home.

  1. Pipe Clean Out After determining that a sewer repair is needed, we’ll start by blasting out the current pipe. This is typically done via hydrojetting. Doing so gives us a better view of the damage.
  2. Camera Inspection We insert a flexible camera into your sewer pipe to survey the damaged area. This confirms the size and intensity of the needed repair.
  3. Liner Insertion After rerouting wastewater to keep the pipe clear, we insert the epoxy liner into the pipe. This is a slow, perfectionist process.
  4. Curing the Liner We then expose the liner to UV light to cure and harden it. This can take some time. Though this once took between 12 and 24 hours, our UV-cutting technology allows us to do it in under four.
  5. Sewer Reinstatement We reconnect the lateral sewers and remove any bypasses we put into place. You can resume normal water use at this time.
  6. Final Inspection A camera will again be inserted into the pipe to check for gaps, bubbles, or curing issues. If any are uncovered, we will take immediate steps to rectify them.

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